Sitemap - 2021 - Chris Damian writes

Newsletter #11: deconstruction in Advent

Catholicism and conversion therapy: how I survived

Conversion therapy and Catholicism: a conversation with Christopher Dowling

Our Archdiocesan Synod's missed opportunities

Newsletter #10: a complicated Thanksgiving

Victims, Perpetrators, and the Perspective of the Church

Newsletter #9: My parents' friends who died of AIDS

What if McCarrick wasn't gay?

Newsletter #8: harming the poor by helping the poor

My diocese’s seminarians went through conversion therapy, and didn’t know it

Getting to the root of conversion therapy

Subscriber preview: ex-gay advocacy in the Catholic Church

Newsletter #7: Is it okay to be white?

ToB Catholics primed me to reject the Church’s approach to homosexuality

Christopher West, Jason Evert, and conversion therapy

Newsletter #6: Can reporters be "objective"

The State and the disobedient Christian

In Where Peter Is: Rethinking Religion in Professional Life

Newsletter #5: rewriting history

Queer Imaginings

Newsletter #4: how spiritual manipulation works

In a pandemic, who gets to complain the loudest?

Gay Catholic Disclosure as Civil Disobedience

How can Catholics help the people of Afghanistan?

Newsletter #3: 'Merely entertaining' and Theology of the Body

The Conspiratorial Cardinal

Why remain Catholic: the talk

Are the criticisms of Simone Biles racist?

Newsletter #2: Catholics love fighting

Why remain Catholic?

In search of new orthodoxies

The Pillar Controversy: A List of Problems

Newsletter #1: Breaking Down the Church

A gay Catholic who loves the Extraordinary Form

Have I been blacklisted?

LGBTQ history: Catholic opposition to the Briggs Initiative

On shitty friendships

On Pride Purity

On Pride Purity

When masturbation isn’t about “inordinate sexual desire”

Clergy abuse, diocesan response, and moral duplicity

I’m a brown homeowner in a racially segregated city

Homosexuality and the clergy abuse crisis: an overview

Why Christian apologists give such bad advice

Gender and otherness

Catholicism needs trauma-informed approaches to sexual abuse

I was threatened because of my sexuality

Parish Priests, Stock Traders, and their Limited Moral Reasoning

Stop calling out homophobes

The CDF Moves Towards Affirming Same-Sex Relationships

Why your bishop didn’t read Aquinas

Why You Should Skip Mass

Why would canon lawyers support “preferred pronouns”?

Why Catholic arguments about trans persons don’t work

In what ways am I "conservative"?

Eating disorders, objective disorder, and gay in the Church

When the Liberals Come for the Church, and Changing Fears of Violence