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That happiness you never really wanted for me... I can want it for myself.

February 2023

I suspect that one reason why prison abolition is so hard for many Catholics to grasp is because so many Catholics struggle to face the reality of the…
It’s likely that the ability of Anatrella and other Church leaders to abuse arose, in part, because of the ex-gay narrative that they furthered.

January 2023

For the majority of the Church’s history, detailed “official teachings” of the universal Church on matters like sexuality simply didn’t exist.
This is not an essay aimed an innocence. It is an essay aimed at escape.

December 2022

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Church teaching is like a brick: it can be used to build a home, or it can be used to smash windows.
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November 2022

Anthony Veasna So certainly has views about how the world does and should work. But he doesn't write social theory. He writes life.
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