Sitemap - 2022 - Chris Damian writes

A tumultuous 2022

Newsletter #27: praying again

"Is he orthodox?"

Newsletter #26: the end of social media

Afterparties and "Human Development"

Newsletter #25: Club Q and Christian persecution

The privilege of the oppressed

Newsletter #24: social media apologies

A return to this week's post, and an apology

Christian influencers beware: sharing trauma triggers trauma

Newsletter #23: it's October 4th

On Hidden Mercy: A conversation with Michael O'Loughlin

Newsletter #22: Césaire, Kirk, Arendt, and Newman, on the development of ideas and political discourse

Discourse on Colonialism and Conservatism

Racism, reconstruction, and the end of a Catholic Instagram account

Newsletter #21: celebrity conversions, Catholicism, and misogyny

Catholic priest: You can keep your job if you get married next month.

Scandal, the Abuse Crisis, and Unmarried Pregnant Women in Catholic Schools

Gay Christian conversations: is it time to leave behind "side A" and "side B"?

Newsletter #20: Together in Hope (in Norway)

The Genesis of Gender: A Review

The rape that made Theranos

Newsletter #19: everything on fire

Ralph McInerny and the gift of celibacy

“Bishop Barron wasn’t involved”

How chastity enables sexual violence

Renewing Word on Fire: A List for Change

On the Value of Professional Catholic Communications: A Case Study

More Words on Fire: An Ex-Employee's Statement

Misogyny at Word on Fire

The Word on Fire piece: FAQs

Sexual Misconduct and Employee Intimidation at Word on Fire

Rape, manipulation, and loss of faith at 'faithful' Catholic colleges

Newsletter #18: Orthodox second (and third) marriage

Contra "traditional marriage": disentangling friendship from the Catholic marital union

Newsletter #17: parenting the non-rational soul

An NFP Nightmare

Newsletter #16: war in Ukraine and gay parades

Love thy neighbor: Elizabeth Anscombe, queer identities, and what it means to believe someone

Newsletter #15: religious liberty and a Minnesota novel

Catechesis, Policy and “Gender Theory” in Milwaukee: An Informal Commentary

Updated considerations on Christian doctrine

Newsletter #14: Nazi art and Islamophobia

The USCCB wouldn’t let me share the Catechism

Catholic Promotion of Conversion Therapy: The List

An Ex-Gay Encyclopedia for Catholics

Newsletter #13: Don't Look Up and the Greek classics

The Church sent him to conversion therapy: a recorded conversation with Scott Herr

Newsletter #12: a look at the last six months