Jan 11, 2022 • 56M

The Church sent him to conversion therapy: a recorded conversation with Scott Herr

“The whole theory is based on Freud.”

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Chris Damian
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In this recorded conversation, I talk with Scott Herr about his experience in conversion therapy. Herr was referred to Joseph Nicolosi (considered by many to be the “father of conversion therapy”) by his Catholic religious community in the early-mid 90’s. At first, Herr found the therapy helpful in becoming more assertive and coming to a better understanding of himself. But over time, Herr realized that Nicolosi’s practice was conditioned by ideologies that ultimately harmed many of his clients. Herr shared that, of the many Nicolosi clients that he came to know, only he and one other client still uphold a “traditional sexual ethic.” Herr offers a caution for Catholics when it comes to ministering to those on the SSA/LGBTQ+ spectrum: real human experiences matter.

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