Ok...I just have to chime in here in defense of Jordan Peterson. I've read his 12 Rules book and listened to at least 50 hours of audio from him in the form of lectures and interviews. He does not have a negative view of women and is not a misogynist. The article linked here from FemCatholic states as fact that he has problematic views towards women, but cites no examples. It only gives details on his misunderstandings of the Gospel (which is actually a fair criticism). I'm disappointed in BB's handling of this situation, but people keep linking his relationship with Peterson as evidence that he has been problematic for awhile and that is simply not a relevant critique.

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Here is the link to part 2 of the FemCatholic piece, that covers Peterson’s problematic views on women: https://www.femcatholic.com/post/dr-jordan-peterson-part-ii-the-problem-with-petersons-feminine-chaos

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Thanks. That was definitely a substantive critique. I wonder how the author would react now knowing that Peterson’s recent book —the counterpart to the first —wherein he sings the praises of “chaos. (Which as the author notes is what he connects with the feminine).

Peterson is haunted by what he frequently calls the “horrors of the 20th century.” He’s obsessed with figuring out how ideologies like communism and fascism became so murderous. He’s a psychologist. His desire is to “get inside of people’s heads.” Maybe it’s messed up or maybe it’s remarkable, but few of us would be willing to examine how we, too, might under the right circumstances, display the moral

weakness of Nazi concentration camps. He does something similar with the Columbine killers - not to excuse them but to understand them. You might think people like that aren’t worth understanding, but they are if it means preventing mass shootings. Likewise, if it means preventing Hitlers, Stalins, and Maos.

Peterson speaks to “men’s struggles.” Yes I know that is a controversial phrase, but consider the fact that men die by both suicide and murder at a significantly higher rate than women. They are kill at a significantly higher rate. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to try and figure out how to help men not do those things rather than abandon to those tendencies?

Women know what it is like to feel like we are “not good enough.” Is it not fair to acknowledge that a man who is repeatedly rejected by women might also feel that rejection to the very core of his being?

Obviously this is not the place to discuss Peterson, but I’m willing to stick my neck out for him far more than I am for Barron. Barron doesn’t have half the humility and sincerity that Peterson has

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