During the meeting, multiple staff members described Word on Fire's CEO as “terrifying.”
Barron outed the victim to his staff without her consent.
“As a survivor of sexual abuse myself, it was horrifying to see Bishop discuss these serious matters in the way in which he did."
This is what they told me.
They're acting as Christ, exposing their wounds so that we may believe.
"I left my job at Word on Fire due to the 'Joe' situation and how it was handled."
On religion, Russians, scarcity, and natural family planning.
They help challenge the Church’s current stance towards homosexuality.
Examining Word on Fire’s press release provides a master class in “Crisis Response 101: What not to do.”
A rough timeline of the relationship between Cardinal Burke, Covid, and the pandemic’s conspiracy theories.
MacIntyre, Coakley, and Benedict push us to rethink the meaning of hedonism and asceticism.
Almost one-quarter of the homosexuality “research” shared by the Chastity Project is by conversion therapists or sexual predators.