At least fifty Catholic dioceses, leaders, and organizations have promoted conversion therapy and ex-gay narratives.
If a Catholic gives you a book on LGBTQ+ questions, you can check this list to see if the author promotes ex-gay theories and conversion therapy.
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On the father of conversion therapy: a recorded conversation with Scott HerrListen now | “The whole theory is based on Freud.”
What I’ve learned: people want this sort of thing.
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Catholicism and conversion therapy: how I survived"The abuse scandal just drives me mad, because I felt that I could really relate. I was one of the many repressed seminarians and priests headed toward…
Conversion therapy and Catholicism: a conversation with Christopher Dowling"How can I talk about how f****** real this is, without outing so many priests and seminarians I know?"
The videos manifested racial issues within the Archdiocese, among other problems.
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The diocese seemed to suggest that the person in need of healing was not the abuse survivor, but was the priest who dismissed her.
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